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Power transmission and distribution is a critical aspect of national infrastructure, and without it, utilities face mounting pressure not just from those they serve, but also from governing bodies with the power to take theirs away. That's why every utility — whether a cooperative, municipality, or investor-owned — deserves a utility vegetation management (UVM) partner that has their best interests in mind at all times.

And by working with ACRT, that's exactly what utilities receive.

Everything we offer helps to alleviate the pressures associated with outages, potentially hazardous vegetation, storm restoration, and more — giving our utility customers peace of mind and assurance. With ACRT, workloads are more efficient, personnel are more productive, plans are more streamlined, and systems are more secure.

Utilities nationwide partner with us to get a better understanding of the risks facing their systems and to take proactive steps to stay in power. Our comprehensive process is custom-tailored to each utility's needs with initiatives designed to assess, evaluate, measure, and monitor the effectiveness and impact of vegetation ‐ all while leading to UVM budget savings and better overall system performance.

With ACRT, the only risk utilities take is the risk of making their service to customers even better.

What You Need, We Deliver

ACRT offers so much more than just best-in-class UVM programs. While we lead the way in this field, our service to utilities goes much deeper and further. From database management, process development, and outage investigations to time tracking analysis, reliability consulting, and area rehabilitation, ACRT becomes exactly what utilities need to succeed.

We don't offer pre-packaged solutions. We are not a commodity. We are an independent, nationwide company dedicated to discovering, implementing, and measuring solutions that have both immediate and long-term benefits for our customers. We remain objective because the only thing we're trying to satisfy is you. Our system assessments are truly objective, and because we have no affiliation with line clearance companies, our work planning and pre-inspections maximize your crucial budget dollars. Because we're managing the work crews — not doing the work — we can confidently assure you that our auditing is fair and accurate toward your financial resources. And if the solution needed doesn't already exist, we'll develop it, implement it in record time, and measure its ongoing effectiveness and value.

The All-In-One Solution

The ways in which ACRT can serve utilities are many, but our real value rests in total management. With one qualified partner managing all these initiatives and more, utilities' UVM programs are managed from top to bottom — with nothing in between to hinder progress. We support utilities every step of the way, giving them peace of mind while allowing them to do what they do best.

Utilities across the country trust ACRT to keep them in power. Do you?

100% Independent
ACRT is the largest and the only independent UVM consulting company serving all types of utilities throughout the nation.
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