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ACRT, Inc. proactively prevents and rapidly resolves a variety of power-related challenges to bring relief and peace of mind to utilities nationwide. Everything we do can be summarized into four distinct yet interrelated service categories: Assessment, Consulting, Representation and Training.


We partner with utilities to monitor and assess their systems for vegetation liabilities, storm preparedness and more — all to transform their utility vegetation management (UVM) plans from reactive to proactive. Over time, this helps utilities save time and money, and know how to better manage vegetation on their systems.


We work closely with utility personnel and leadership teams to establish and manage UVM budgets, develop and execute work plans, and assess system strengths and weaknesses. This consultative approach empowers utility leaders to make informed decisions regarding their UVM programs, and to maximize the efficiency of those programs.


With customer relations as one of our core competencies, we support utilities by representing them to homeowners, organizations, governing bodies and more — helping to maintain a favorable public image at all times. We are knowledgeable and experienced in all state and federal compliance regulations, and exercise that knowledge in every endeavor.


ACRT offers a variety of vocational and safety training programs, continuing education initiatives and utility arboriculture workshops across the country. These classes and events help to generate the finest, most knowledgeable personnel in the utility vegetation management industry — and beyond.

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