What Ready Force Does

The ACRT Ready Force team specializes in supporting utilities with a variety of immediate response needs. It's an adaptable, flexible solution to help utilities stay on their feet when — and where — disasters strike.

Planning & Preparedness

Storms and other disasters can cause regulations to change almost immediately — leaving utilities with little time to respond or adapt in order to avoid burdensome fines. Ready Force can work with you to either establish a response program before these events occur, or develop an as-needed contract to provide support when and where it's needed most.

Storm Response & Restoration

Ready Force personnel can be anywhere in the country in a short amount of time to assist utilities with storm response and restoration efforts. From Katrina to Isaac to Sandy, ACRT can mobilize and deploy Ready Force agents and vehicles to your utility service area within 24 hours. These teams get to work immediately by assessing damages and directing tree crews on whatever scale is needed.

Jumpstart UVM Programs

Ready Force specializes in making the impossible possible. Whatever the need, ACRT can inspect and assess your system to get a UVM program in place as quickly as possible, ensuring that work is performed immediately and the right resources are in place.

Personnel Absences

Entergy's head forester suddenly became ill without warning and required an extended medical leave. A Ready Force agent with management experience was deployed to replace him in his absence. Regardless of the situation, Ready Force is prepared to step in when and where it's needed to ensure that utilities and their programs stay running.

And More

The above examples are just a few of the ways utilities can engage our Ready Force team for their immediate response needs. Whatever the challenge might be, Ready Force is flexible enough to meet that challenge head-on.

Don't Be Caught Off Guard

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The ACRT Ready Force team stands prepared to assist utilities nationwide with their emergency response needs. Get started today.
ACRT SAFE is a comprehensive safety management strategy designed to provide continual improvement in safety across every facet of operations.

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