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ACRT is the largest independent utility vegetation management (UVM) consulting and training company in the nation. We never have been and never will be owned by a company that provides UVM services to utilities. By partnering with ACRT, utilities gain objective, comprehensive insights into how to enhance their electric transmission and distribution, identify and remove liabilities associated with vegetation and improve relations with their customers. Learn more.


Our people are the biggest investment we have, and our one-of-a-kind ESOP structure allows them to take ownership in our organization to help drive it toward true success and growth. Each team member has a stake in the success of what we do for our utility customers, as well as everything we do as a company. With this kind of motivated team at the helm, ACRT and its customers are positioned for true success. Learn more.


ACRT doesn't just talk about safety. We live it out every day and in every way. Our safety team develops strategies that not only keep our already highly trained team safe from workplace injury, but also protect our utility customers from lost work time and personnel absences, as well as their associated costs. Learn more.


ACRT has a history of training industry professionals, but it all starts from the inside. We place great value in training personnel to be safety-focused, knowledgeable leaders. We offer a broad array of classes, programs and workshops designed to provide attendees with the latest knowledge and skills they need to make their utility vegetation management careers successful. Learn more.

Ready Force

ACRT's emergency response team Ready Force comprises some of our most experienced and highly trained personnel that are able to adapt and respond to any situational need. Located strategically across the country, the Ready Force team mobilizes rapidly to aid utilities with emergency response scenarios ranging from management shifts to national or localized disasters. Learn more.

Proven Success

We've been in business since 1985, and have proven the power of our capabilities time and time again. Whether through storm response, hotspot identification, vegetation management or contractor evaluation, ACRT leads the way in achieving success in utility vegetation management. Learn more.

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