Safety In Action

Year after year, the ACRT SAFE philosophy is preventing incidents and protecting personnel from workplace injuries. But ACRT is committed to making ACRT SAFE more than just a philosophy — we're committed to making it a reality. Below are some of the initiatives we've taken to ensure our customers remain free from lost work time and our people enjoy safe, rewarding careers.

Safety Incentives Programs

While we have a strong awareness for safety at all levels of the company, we do have safety incentives to reward safe performance and encourage employees to take safety home in a sense. Our ACES program is one of our current incentives. We also offer SAFE Days as semi-annual paid time off (PTO) awarded to employees who stay accident-free for six months.

A.C.E.S. (ACRT Cares About Employee Safety)

The ACRT Safety Incentives Program is designed to reward our employees for working safely while on the job, and to reward employees who voluntarily perform activities that help raise safety awareness and prevent safety related incidents from happening. ACRT administers the program by tracking safety points, offering quality awards and communicating program updates. Employees can earn points for voluntary safety activities in addition to working safely on the job.

360º Walk-around

ACRT requires drivers of all company owned vehicles to conduct a 360º walk-around before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Taking the time to walk completely around the vehicle ensures the driver that there are no surprise hazards on the sides, behind, or even under the vehicle. There have been many instances when a quick check around the vehicle revealed unseen holes, ditches, pipes, debris, animals and even children that the driver may not have seen before backing or pulling away if he/she had not checked.

Area Safety Representatives (ASRs)

The ACRT Safety Committee developed the Area Safety Representative designation to enhance employee participation in building a culture of safety and improving communications on all levels. ASRs must communicate safety initiatives and programs originating from the Safety Committee to their designated group. This involves distributing monthly metrics, leading review and discussion, assisting with safety stand-downs, incident investigation support and leading safety tailboards. ASRs also attend and represent ACRT at contractor safety meetings and act as a first responder at an accident or incident scene — assisting coworkers in getting medical attention or getting home safely.

Smith System Drivers Training

ACRT utilizes the Smith System drivers training program to ensure our personnel on the road are focused on safety at every turn. This program features a unique, hands-on approach to instill safety education techniques and behaviors, helping to prevent accidents and save lives. As part of our new hire safety orientation, all field employees must complete courses in the Smith System's E-Learning training program. ACRT also utilizes the Smith System's motion module, which focuses on five keys to safe driving. We also use other modules — safe backing, proper following distance, and navigating dangerous intersections, all to further enhance the safety knowledge of our employees.

Bulli Ray Training

Bulli Ray is the industry leader in dog bite prevention. For many years, ACRT has used the Bulli Ray Occupational Dog Bite Safety training program to teach our team members how to work and stay safe around the dogs they encounter in the field.

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