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The importance of an effective utility vegetation management (UVM) program cannot be denied, but the service and safety improvements and return on investment make it something of great value as well. But where do you start?

System Assessment

The first step in developing an effective UVM program is a thorough System Assessment. Our team of highly trained arborists utilizes sophisticated statistical sampling and modeling techniques to determine the impact of vegetation on your circuits. We then suggest the most efficient course of action for managing that vegetation in an ongoing fashion. We will present you with a detailed report that will give you the most accurate picture possible and provide you with data and recommendations that you can immediately implement for your benefit.

When completed, the System Assessment will provide you with a solid foundation for a best-in-class UVM program. You’ll understand how your current program compares to similar utilities nationwide, and the steps necessary to improve it.


Armed with fully customizable ACRT software, arborists have the ability to adapt to each clients' specific needs right away. The quick roll out of ACRT Software allows valuable data to be recorded immediately. ACRT Software provides clients with the peace of mind that the needs of their unique system is being managed properly. With choices that include text base and mapping compatibility, our software enables process tracking to ensure efficiencies are leveraged and money isn't wasted.



An effective UVM program cycle begins with a thorough Pre-Inspection. Arborists examine circuits for hazard trees, encroachment and potential encroachment, as well as evaluate clearances. This data is then used to create detailed work plans for documenting vegetation species, locations and growth rates, as well as specifying the most effective remediation methods.

Furthermore, ACRT employees are trained and certified arborists, not tree trimmers. This gives you an advantage over competing solutions in the form of better work unit selection. Because we truly understand vegetation types and growth rates, and because we aren’t interested in generating tree-trimming revenue, we produce more efficient and systematic work plans for our customers.

Customer Relations

Exceptional customer communications are a large part of ACRT services. We engage utility customers and members on their behalf to explain the importance and value of UVM programs. This helps customers and members better understand the need for UVM as well as its benefits so refusals are less likely.

In the field, customer relations activities are conducted by our arborists, often simultaneously with Pre-Inspection. Our arborists will accurately answer customer questions, address concerns and resolve potential conflicts. And though customer relations often starts in the field, it doesn’t end there. We’ll assist you in developing comprehensive strategies that are specific to your situation and requirements.
Whether it’s creating and operating call centers, organizing and conducting town meetings, implementing newspaper announcement strategies managing replanting programs, ACRT can help utilities avoid potential UVM delays and maintain positive relations with your customers.


If you’re relying on your contract tree crews to audit themselves, you’re probably wasting money. Without independent accountability, there’s no way to know if you’re really getting what you’re paying for. Our Post Auditing services ensure that tree crews are performing as directed.

After trimming is completed, ACRT arborists walk the circuit again — inspecting each work unit and evaluating clearance, pruning cuts, hazards, cleanup, safety, herbicide application and ensuring overall compliance with the work plan. Any work not completed to specifications is resubmitted to the tree crews for them to complete at their own expense. It’s a simple technique with a profound effect, and one you can’t afford to leave out of your UVM program.

Total Management

A complete and multifaceted UVM program can be a massive undertaking. For many utilities, especially smaller cooperatives and municipal power companies, it’s a daunting task, but it cannot be neglected. Fortunately, ACRT can manage these initiatives for you. We can develop and enact a complete UVM program and manage it on a continuing basis as well, enabling you to handle this entire task with a single point of contact.

We can take our core services and wrap them in highly effective and systematic management procedures. We take care of personnel, choosing contractors and negotiating contract types and payment schedules, and construct and manage your UVM program from top to bottom.

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