Our Philosophy

ACRT SAFE is a comprehensive safety management strategy designed to provide continual improvement in safety across every facet of operations. Our mission is to create a safety-conscious environment and a culture of learningfor both our customers and employees. By keeping our arborists and utility foresters safe on the job, our customers benefit through enhanced efficiencies, increased work volumes and higher quality performance.


Why It Works

ACRT SAFE reflects a systematic approach to employee safety similar to the approach we take toward keeping our customers' systems safe. Through experience, training and dedication enabling us to identify field hazards and prevent incidents, we consistently achieve positive results leading to safer work conditions and greater employee satisfaction.

How We Use It

Our program is built on eight basic principles that form the foundation of ACRT's true culture of safety.

  1. Personal Accountability

    Employees have the right and obligation to correct hazards and point out at-risk behaviors. Many of our employees work as solitary units and must employ personal accountability in the field to remain safe and injury free.

  2. Recurrent Training

    Employees receive training in many areas, with safety being chief among them. We believe ongoing training increases the safety IQ of our employees, encourages safety self-awareness and improves competency in the field.

  3. Employee Interaction

    ACRT encourages employee contributions to the safety program and continually integrates employee ideas into our safe work practices. Our Safety Committee actively promotes employee ideas and suggestions to keep our best safety practices current.

  4. Management Responsibility

    All levels of management must lead the safety effort by consistently reinforcing safe behavior and refusing to tolerate at-risk behaviors. Managers must set the pace and walk the walk.

  5. Safety Is Good Business

    As an employee-owned company, we owe it to ourselves to keep safe operations as a core business value. Reducing safety-associated costs — medical expenses, workers compensation and lost production time — generates a positive return to our employee owners.

  6. Injuries Are Preventable

    Accidents are the result of a chain of events that occur when one preventable link was overlooked or unrecognized. Corrective actions based on lessons learned, hazard avoidance practices and injury prevention techniques help lead us to eliminate those weak links.

  7. Ethical Responsibility

    As a company, keeping each other safe on and off the job is simply the right thing to do and our ethical responsibility. A culture of safety can only exist when injuries aren't viewed as statistics, but instead as unnecessary incidents that bring pain and suffering to our co-workers and friends.

  8. Communication

    We use all available channels to communicate with employees regarding new training topics, updated safety information, preventable practices and employee achievements. We believe a continuous safety dialogue with our employees reinforces awareness.

Safety In Action
ACRT is committed to making ACRT SAFE more than just a philosophy. We’re committed to making it a reality.
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