Employee Ownership

ACRT, Inc. is a 100% flat employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) organization, and we have been since 2003. This program is free for our employees and enables them to contribute to the success of what we offer to our utility customers — while also investing in their retirement.

Employees receive identical annual allocations to their ESOP accounts — regardless of their level in the company. Our ESOP share value is driven by employees through their performance.

We believe the backbone of a best-in-class vegetation management program starts with people, and our ESOP is the perfect example of that. Our people are the biggest investment we have, and our one-of-a-kind ESOP structure allows them to take ownership in our organization to help drive it toward true success and growth.

Not only is our ESOP a critical component of our service to our utility customers, but it's also a major aspect of our culture. We provide ESOP education and resources for our employees to help them better understand the value and structure of an ESOP, as well as its benefits. Furthermore, we allow employees to fill specific seats on our board because we believe in the power our ESOP program and our team members' ability to provide leadership and governance.

Finally, we encourage all ACRT team members to get involved with the ESOP by asking questions and attending or watching annual shareholder meetings. By working at ACRT, employees are contributing to more than better power distribution and transmission for utilities nationwide — they're contributing to better futures for themselves and their families.

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