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Retirees are trained for specific jobs and have a full understanding of the business. We will likely see a fit for retirees in the near future. A high percentage of baby boomers will retire in next 10 years, taking with them years of on the job training and skills; retirees can be used to train new employees; retirees can be used on specific projects that are short term, freeing staff for routine tasks; and retirees are good fit for contraction projects where the utility does not need to hire full-time workers. Retirees arrive fully trained for the task. ACRT is flexible and they're able to keep retirees active when the utility does not need assistance for short intervals. Furthermore, ACRT is responsible for all human resources functions: payroll, benefits, vehicles, etc. (Regarding the ACRT Retiree Program)

Wes Davis, Program Manager for Vegetation Management, Iberdrola USA
A safe, efficient restoration after a major storm is always a challenge. The efforts of your company helped make that challenge a little more manageable, and I wanted to write and thank you for your help during restoration after Hurricane Isaac. Your support allowed us to restore all of our customers in a few short days. As I’ve watched the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I’m reminded yet again of the spirit of cooperation our business requires. Without all of us working together to restore after major events, customers would still be in the dark months after storms have come and gone. Thank you for being someone we can count on when the task is large and the time is short.
Haley R. Fisackerly, President & CEO, Entergy Mississippi, Inc.
The June 29 [2012] Derecho left Appalachian Power with hundreds of thousands of customers without electricity. For the next two weeks, thousands of additional workers were in our service territory as we put back together in days a power grid that had taken decades to build. As we return to normalcy, we find that we owe a debt of gratitude to many utility partners. In particular, I'd like to thank you for sending your crews to assist us during this historic national disaster. I'm sure stories about the restoration effort will be told by your employees for years to come. We're very grateful to you and your crews for your support to both Appalachian Power and the citizens of West Virginia and Virginia in this emergency situation.
Charles Patton, President & COO, Appalachian Power

The last couple of weeks have been very challenging for all West Virginians. Violent storms began ripping through our state on July 29th and left more than 688,000 homes and businesses without electricity and thousands more with substantial damage to their homes and businesses. The electrical outages were unprecedented and more than our state teams could handle. On behalf of all West Virginians, I want to personally thank you and the men and women of ACRT who travelled great distances to offer their expertise and support in order to restore power to our West Virginia citizens.

Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor, West Virginia

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the dedication of all ACRT employees, especially from the SCUFs. With the implementation of a newly developed Storm Process in Si/Sac division, SCUFs have taken on additional responsibilities not only for their own employees, but also for coordinating and dispatching TT resources. Without any hesitation, I can say that Jim Erskine, Chris Schroeder, Richard Peabody and Jordan McKay have truly mastered this new challenge and supported each other in unprecedented ways. Again, your team is stepping up to the plate to ensure future outages and fire risks are being minimized. Thank you.

Karsten Schulz, Pacific Gas & Electric

The fact that we have professional arborists going around to members and educating them about our tree program is great. ACRT's professional arborists have led many educational and environmental talks throughout LREC including our annual meeting of more than 500 members, multiple district meetings, various local lake and housing associations, Arbor Day events and other gatherings. Average annual outage hours per member have also noticeably decreased. With their assistance, we've implemented enhanced maintenance cycles and procedures, as well as improved tree clearance and pruning programs.

Tim Thompson, CEO, Lake Region Electric Cooperative

I would like to personally thank ACRT for helping to set up and man our annual members meeting. ACRT was very well represented to our customers as professional and knowledgeable SECO partners with our members' best interests at heart. Great job!

Ken Lacasse, Manager of Integrated Vegetation Management, Sumter Electric Cooperative

Let me echo Ken's thanks ACRT for helping us again this year. The fact that not a single member complained to anyone at the annual meeting about tree trimming is a testament to the great job that ACRT and Nelson Tree Service have done on our system.

John LaSelva, Director of Reliability & Operations, Sumter Electric Cooperative

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the West Falmouth Library, we thank you for ACRT's participation in the 2012 Arbor Day workday at the West Falmouth Library on Friday, April 27. Your company's generosity in volunteering equipment, as well as staff time and expertise, was greatly appreciated. The tree work that was accomplished on the library property made valuable improvements by removing trees and limbs for beautification as well as safety. The workers accomplished their tasks professionally and with great attention to detail. We, as well as all who enjoy visiting the West Falmouth Library, appreciate that your business participated in this year's Arbor Day workday. The two trees donated by NSTAR, a Dawn Redwood and Japanese Snowbell that were planted on Arbor Day, are lovely specimens. They add beauty to the library grounds now and will continue to be enjoyed by future generations of visitors.

Catlyn Ellms, President of Board of Directors & Pamela Olson, Library Director, West Falmouth Library

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